Start BIG!

One of the things I hear the most frequently with new clients is they do not know where to start. Prior to calling me, they will pick up a few items and put them away somewhere, then look around what to pick up next. They will sort through a box of papers or small items and have no idea where to put the items that are staying besides remaining in that box. They may even move through the room with bag for trash or donations and pick up items from all over the room. Each of these things ARE valuable tasks. And yes, sometimes, the advice of starting small to get some confidence or the ball rolling isn’t the worse advice. In fact, it is pretty decent advice. But I am going to throw caution to the wind and say “GO BIG!”

Before we go any further, let’s think about this from a psychological stand point. When are you more motivated to keep going: when you worked very hard for a long time and see small results or when you have put in some effort and see an appreciable difference? No need to answer that. The answer is obvious. And it isn’t laziness. It is human nature.

Now let’s come back to “go big.” My suggestion to get you moving on your project is to choose an area you will see the most appreciable difference by starting there. For example, I have a current client with a home office she has been hoping to design for some time. But there were piles of years of paperwork to go through. My suggestion was to get the paperwork in boxes and out of the room for now, and to go through it all later. The ideas was to get the room cleared and cleaned and start painting and putting in new floors and furniture now and bring the papers back in to organize box by box. By doing so, as opposed to the painstaking efforts for almost invisible results, we started getting her a room she wanted to work in and wants to get organized before we even start with the tasks she was dreading most. Instead of fearing the room, we start with loving it. And by loving it, we WANT to keep up the momentum.

Not every project has a clear cut of an option to start big. But take a long look around the space you are beginning. What starting point has the biggest bang for the buck? I am not saying all the mundane small tasks don’t need to get done. They DO! But what can be delayed so you feel like you can make a dent?? That is where you start. Once you see the progress, you will have more motivation to continue. Now go find that room you have been dreading. What will you work on today?


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