Spring Time Garage Organization

Spring Time Garage Organization

Hello! I’m so excited to present a guest blogger!!! Below are some helpful hints for organizing your garage as we enter spring! The blog is presented by Kirsten Jackson with Monkey Bars, a garage organizing system I have checked out and personally recommend! Enjoy!!!!

After a long winter of accumulating salt, grime and junk your garage is probably in desperate need of some spring cleaning and organizing. If you park your car in your garage or enter your home through your garage, all the grime and salt on the roads has most likely been dragged into your garage. Also, let’s be honest, the garage gets the most disorganized in the winter because who wants to take the time to put everything (i.e. holiday decorations) back where it’s supposed to go when your garage is freezing cold. So now that spring is beginning to show its face a little bit, it’s time to think about getting your garage organized and ready for summer.

Keep, Donate Toss
The first step in organizing any space is the keep, donate or toss routine which you can learn about here. One way not to get overwhelmed is to divide your garage into sections and tackle one section at a time. If one section a day is all that you can get done, then do that.

Contain and Label
After you’ve figured out what you’re keeping make sure that everything has its own place. Whether it’s a bin for sports balls or big rubber maid tubs for your Christmas lights make sure things that need a container have a container and then clearly label each one. Be specific when labeling and you’ll thank yourself later. Don’t just label a bin Halloween, put Halloween costumes and makeup or decorations so you won’t have to dig through every bin to find what you’re looking for.

The Right System
Getting a storage system that works for you and that you know you’ll use all the time is key. It doesn’t matter if it’s cabinets or shelving just make sure that it’s something that you will use constantly otherwise you will just be wasting your money. The best systems get all of your belongings up off the floor. This keeps your garage cleaner and your possessions in better condition.

Swap Your Stuff
Since you are getting organized for the warmer months, swap out the items that are more easily accessible. Clean the dust and cob webs off your garden tools and make sure your lawn mower or other yard appliances are in working condition. If you have kids tuck the sleds away and make sure their summer toys are front and center.

Last but not least you can sweep out all the dirt that’s been accumulating then step back and admire your hard work! Having a garage that’s well organized is a must in the summer months when you will be spending more time outdoors. You will be able to relax a little bit more when you aren’t wasting your time wading through boxes and junk.


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